Friday, 3 April 2015

Birding Art Gallery

I have just been accepted to join the Birding Art online Gallery to display some of my work, The site specialise in bird art in all mediums, and display some stunning work from artists all over the world. I feel privileged to join, and also its a positive step forward to showcase my work to a wider audience, and hopefully generate a little more interest in what I do.

I have listed a selection of different subjects all in graphite pencil & ink, with each piece being professionally mounted and framed.

All works can be viewed directly from the site and I will give you a little more information about a couple of the works below so you can see how I put the drawings together.

The original reference material for the Sparrow Hawk drawing came from a Wildlife Photographer called Rob Cross, feel free to look at his site, because he has taken some wonderful images. In the original photo the Spar is just touching down with a mouse in its beak, with the wing tips out of the frame and no talons were on show. With a clear image in my mind of what I wanted to portray I set about building a complete image in small sketches, marrying the Great Tit in his talons and finding the perfect wooden post to position the birds on, along with removing the mouse from his slightly open beak. It's a large drawing with many hours spent to bring it to completion but hopefully you agree it's a dramatic pose.

A close-up of the head to show the level of detail in this piece.

The second work "Larking Around" depicts a bird that is close to my heart. To some it's just another brown little bird but the Skylark is much more so than that. It has inspired poets, musicians & artists for generations with its liquid song resonating across the countryside on a bright blue summers day. It also signifies all is balanced in the complex pyramid of the countryside, and they thrive on land that is unspoilt, untouched, & unadulterated. Land that most would call scrub, or in -need of a tractors flail, but this kind of grassland that holds a whole host of weeds and insects is prime habitat for the Skylark.

The title for the piece is a phase most of us have heard before "stop larking around" but there is a deeper meaning. The phase was coined in the 18th century when young boys and girls would go into the meadows at dawn break to catch Skylarks in nets, I presume to eat or cage them for their song, and the term "Larking Around" was born!!

I hope I have managed to display the majestic beauty of this little brown bird, and it's certainly a bird I will draw again sometime. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Adam Entwistle Copyright (C) On all images displayed on this blog.


  1. Good quality info. Lucky to me I came to your website not on purpose, but now I have bookmarked it.

    1. Thank you Peter for the kind comment, glad you like my work!!!

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