Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Moorland Melody

Many of you may not have heard about an interesting event that took place in mid-summer. It was held at the beautiful location of Bolton Castle in Wensleydale, Yorkshire. The whole project started out as an awareness building exercise to highlight the plight of the curlew, an iconic wader who’s numbers have been dropping at an alarming rate. In both the UK and Ireland birds have declined by ~90% in some locations, which clearly indicate something is drastically amiss from an environmental perspective. Without constructive action the curlew’s distinctive moorland song will become a historic moorland (and coastal) relic, and a song that would be gravely missed by many if this outcome were to manifest. The event was a gathering of likeminded individuals ranging from the RSPB to Wader Quest, BTO and the Game & Wildlife Trust, along with experts and naturalists from the general public, all wanting to get involved and help in some small way. This event rolled on from Mary Colwell's charity walk that saw this passionate lady walk over 500 miles to raise awareness of this enigmatic bird. I donated three small sketches to this cause last year, which subsequently raised over £350 pounds (this topic is covered in one of my earlier blog's). Unfortunately I could not attend this summer event in person due to short notice and other commitments, but in my absence I put together this larger than life ink drawing of an adult female curlew to provide a focal feature for the event, and add some colour and a visual element to the weekend.


I think you will be hearing more about this event in the coming years as it starts to attract larger crowds of enthusiastic people all sharing the same passion for this bird, and the breeding landscape it occupies. The event covered all manner of associated topics including various wading birds and moorland management discussions. In addition, a guided curlew walk provided the public a chance to observe the bird in its natural habitat along with a whole host of beautiful native flora and fauna that is synonymous with the rolling Yorkshire landscape. Please make sure you mark this event in your calendar for next June...it will be a great family day out with education opportunities to fuel both novice and serious birding enthusiast passions alike. Further details are available direct from Bolton Castle website. www.boltoncastle.co.uk


The piece of artwork I have for sale is a very large ink drawing of a wonderful female curlew in a characteristic bold upright pose on toned artboard. I wanted it to be a large focal feature for the event, and appeal to others who have an affinity with one of the UKs most majestic waders.


The complete piece is professionally mounted and the drawing size is 640 x 480 mm, with external frame dimensions at 1060 x 850 mm.




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